I believe city council is a place where real change can be made. Not only can we enable our district to continue the robust growth it has seen over the last several years, but we can ensure that it is done in a responsible manner.

This means working with constituents, civic organizations, local non-profits and businesses, as well as developers and other governmental organizations. Our district’s infrastructure must grow with our neighborhoods. Residents should not have to dodge cars while walking down the street with their family or on their commute to work or school. Streets in the district should not flood after only 30 minutes of hard rain. And we should not begin construction on ever major highway and street all at the same time.

I want to bring my experience, skills and outside perspectives to the table to build coalitions and challenge any administration where appropriate and to support it when it is doing what is in the best interest of our district. My business acumen and critical thinking skills make me prepared to help the city solve the tough challenges it faces. I would serve as an objective advocate working diligently to find creative solutions to problems like infrastructure, flooding and proposition B.

This campaign is as much about me as it is about YOU, the residents of District C. Let’s come together and work hand in hand as neighbors, local businesses and civic organizations to invest in our district and in our future. Please get involved and join the conversation. Send us a note letting us know what keeps you up a night and what you think can be done to make living, working and thriving within the district even better.

Thank you and best regards,


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